School & Military Logo Mats

School and military mats have very similar performance requirements. First, they very often have to reproduce a very complex logo design with clarity and extra sharp details. You’re proud of your insignia or logo and we make sure your logo mat shows your colors in the best possible way. They also need to be very durable and withstand the rigors of thousands of foot traffics every day. Both indoor logo mats and outdoor logo mats need to be able to handle harsh weather, heavy foot traffic and maintain their great appearance. Our products are guaranteed to satisfy your design requirements and keep looking great.

Custom Printed School Mats
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Our state-of-the-art printing process injects colorfast dyes permanently into the carpet pile of our indoor logo mat, for outstanding design reproduction and extended resistance to wear and fading. All school and military logo mats from Mat-Tech will combat dirt at your front door and pass inspection next week.

High Traffic logo mats offer the best overall performance in both design and function! They resist crushing from heavy foot traffic and can handle all weather conditions. High Traffic logo mats are an excellent choice for military installations or school buildings alike. Both locations have plenty of tough circumstances to deal with and this logo mat can handle anything thrown at it. They are engineered tough, and can be used for indoor or outdoor locations.

Military Outdoor logo mats or School Spirit indoor logo mats provide a weatherproof, slip-resistant surface and picture quality image for extra detailed designs. The logos are fused into the surface of the all rubber mat for extended strength. The perfect logo floor mat designed to fight the elements outdoors or indoors.