Promotional Logo Mats

Bring your message to the floor of the store! Promotional logo mats can be a dynamic way to enhance the marketing of your Products, your Company or Brand. With a strong visual presentation of your personalized message, promotional logo mats you can take advantage of a marketing opportunity right at your feet. Retail floor space is one of the last marketing opportunities that can be developed with a creative image on a logo mat. You can grab the attention of every passerby, thousands of times every day by using a promotional logo mat as a marketing tool. At the entrance door as buyers walk in, as an enhancement to a product display or in an isle improving the exposure of your product on the shelf. Click to request a free mat sample.


Best Seller

Promotional Pop Media

Media Link All Rubber Logo Mats combine picture quality graphics with a low profile mat. This logo mat is also easily portable for flexible placement. High quality printing capability. Great for Point of Purchase displays.

Picture Perfect

Picture Perfect Dye Sub Indoor Logo Mat provides photo quality images for promotional concepts. Wow your visitors with a beautiful Picture Perfect indoor mat.

Multi Color Vinyl

Multi Color Vinyl Logo Mat uses 3D molded designs to make any logo stand out. It is perfect for indoor or outdoor use. Custom Bar Mat, Counter Mat or Floor Mat.
Best Seller

High Definition

Our High Definition Logo Mats have the highest graphic quality and clearest logo details of all our logo mats. Wow your customers with a High Definition Indoor Logo Mat from Mat Tech.

Custom Shaped

Shapeable Indoor Logo Mats are completely customizable, allowing you to create any shape or pattern you can imagine. Impress your visitors with a Shapeable Indoor Logo Mat from Mat Tech.

Super Sized

Maxi Floor Display Logo Mat is perfect for extra large applications. This promotional carpet is durable, slip resistant, and customizable.