Runner Mats

Runner Mats

Runner mats are a popular choice amongst industries to provide safety in areas where slips and falls are common. There are many styles of floor runner mats to choose from, including diamond plate, corrugated, and traction tread. Rubber runner mats are highly versatile and provide multiple benefits. Not only do runner mats provide safety, but they also provide comfort for the individuals standing on them. These mats don’t just protect your people either. Stick one of these premium mats in a high traffic area and you can keep the floor under it looking brand new!

Corrugated Runner Mat

Corrugated Runner offers heavy duty slip protection in 3 different thicknesses. This mat provides you with options to best meet your needs from ultra heavy duty to affordability.

Diamond Plate

Diamond Plate Runner Mat incorporates a high friction diamond plate pattern onto the surface for effective slip resistance. This durable mat will help keep employees safe for years.

Pyramid Runner Mat

Pyramid Runner Mat is perfect for adding traction to inclined surfaces. The unique pyramid pattern on the surface is perfect for areas where high levels of slip resistance is important.

Traction Tread

Traction Tread Anti-Slip Runner Mat is made of highly slip resistant rubber. It is resistant to most chemicals and improves employee safety in the workplace.

Corrugated Switchboard

Corrugated Switchboard Mat provides electrical shock protection for workers. This mat helps keep employees safe from harmful electricity while working with high voltage equipment.

Diamond Plate Switchboard

Diamond Plate Switchboard combines an anti slip surface with switchboard matting properties. This mat will insulate workers against high voltage currents while also preventing slips and falls.

MIL Spec Diamond Plate Switchboard Mat

Military Spec Diamond Plate Switchboard Mat is specially designed to meet military standards for high voltage protection.

Stat Zap Corrugated ESD Switchboard Mat

Stat Zap Corrugated ESD Switchboard Mat provides excellent static discharge protection for sensitive equipment. This mat sucks static electricity out of users in order to prevent shocks.

Stat Zap ESD Switchboard Mat

Stat Zap ESD Switchboard Mat discharges static electricity build up from the users feet instantly.

Clear Carpet Protector

Clear Carpet Protector protects carpet from dirt and wear. This sleeve will keep matting in pristine condition for years.

Wet, slippery floors are a major cause of employee injuries. Our runner matting, with a variety of surface patterns will help eliminate the risk of accidents due to hazardous, slippery floors. Clear vinyl runner mats protect carpet from soil and wear in high traffic locations and are available in full rolls or custom cut lengths. Rubber runner mats are ideal for added traction and improving safety in wet locations and vinyl runner mats will add extra traction and protect floors in dry locations. Runner floor mats are often used in aisles, warehouses, plant facilities, assembly lines and building walkways. Whatever application you are shopping for, you can be sure that you can find the perfect runner matting from Mat-Tech. If you need any help deciding on the right mat for you, our matting experience is just a phone call away.

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