Safety Mats

Safety Mats

Safety mats are an essential utility to have in any office. Hazardous conditions can lead to disasters for you and your employees. Our collection of industrial floor safety mats showcase superior traction in multiple designs. Whether you are looking for anti-slip safety mats, drainage mats for wet areas, or runner mats for long stretches of floor, we have you covered. Shop our collection below of safety floor mats and protect the people that matter the most to your company!

Anti-Slip Safety Mats

Anti-slip mats are engineered to increase traction on floors and reduce accidents associated with hazardous, wet, slippery conditions. These mats will help eliminate dangerous floor conditions.

Drainage Mats

Drainage mats are designed to keep busy commercial food preparation areas clean, safe and dry for all employees. Drainage mats create a resilient, flexible walking surface that is both slip-resistant and comfortable.

Runner Mats

Runner mats improve safety for your employees and protect floors in the workplace. Runner mats will reduce the chances of injuries from an unwanted accident, while protecting both employees and floors.

More about our Safety Mats

Kitchen Mats often called “drainage mats” are available in a variety of sizes and designs; engineered to solve floor safety problems in any work environment. Drainage mats allow water to flow away from the walking surface, keeping the workplace slip free and safe. Switchboard mats will protect employees from electrical accidents, while anti-static mats will shield expensive equipment from electrical damage due to uncontrolled static discharge. Our safety mats will reduce accidents, relieve fatigue and improve the workplace wherever they are placed.

Anti Slip Safety Mats

Anti-slip mats are designed to increase traction on floors and to reduce accidents in hazardous, slippery conditions. Whether made out of vinyl, rubber or ultimate traction carbide grit top mats they will solve the most difficult hazardous floor problems. Our drainage mats, kitchen mats and anti-slip safety mats, are designed specifically for areas where moisture and industrial fluids of all types are present. These mats allow water and debris to drain below the walking surface improving safety and reducing the potential for slips and falls. We also offer switchboard safety mats which will protect employees from high voltage electrical shocks. Switchboard mats prevent high voltage from grounding through a person’s body which can cause injury or even death. In addition to our switchboard matting, we also carry ESD safety mats as well which drain static away from the people standing on them. This helps protect expensive electrical equipment from unintended static discharge and damage.

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