School & Military Logo Mats

School Logo Mats & Custom Military Floor Mats

Set the tone for all those who enter with tough, precisely designed custom school mats and military logos mats from Mat Tech. Our military floor mats and school floor mats proudly showcase your custom logo or crest in rich detail. And with rugged, deluxe material options like our school spirit outdoor mats and military high traffic mats, heavy foot traffic will never wear down your mats—or your spirit. Express the excellence within your walls by exploring our customizable military and school floor mats collection today.

School Spirit High Traffic

Spirit High Traffic is our most durable spirit logo mat. This logo mat will maintain its quality even in the toughest conditions.

School Spirit Print

Spirit Print Logo Mats provide detailed school logo mats at an affordable price. Show your school pride without breaking the bank with this logo mat.

School Spirit Outdoor

Spirit Outdoor Logo Mats provide picture like graphics combined with a weatherproof outdoor mat. These logo mats are also slip resistant; improving safety.

Military High Traffic

Military High Traffic Logo Mats are our most durable military logo mats. This logo mat will maintain its quality even in the toughest conditions.

Military Print

Military Print Logo Mats provide detailed military logos at an affordable price. Show your military pride without breaking the bank with this logo mat.

Military Outdoor

Military Outdoor Logo Mats provide picture like graphics combined with a weatherproof outdoor mat. These logo mats are also slip resistant; improving safety.

More about our School & Military Logo Mats

Our state-of-the-art printing process injects colorfast dyes permanently into the carpet pile of our indoor logo mat, for outstanding design reproduction and extended resistance to wear and fading. All school and military logo mats from Mat-Tech will combat dirt at your front door and pass inspection next week. High Traffic logo mats offer the best overall performance in both design and function! They resist crushing from heavy foot traffic and can handle all weather conditions. High Traffic logo mats are an excellent choice for military installations or school buildings alike. Both locations have plenty of tough circumstances to deal with and this logo mat can handle anything thrown at it. They are engineered tough, and can be used for indoor or outdoor locations. Military Outdoor logo mats or School Spirit indoor logo mats provide a weatherproof, slip-resistant surface and picture quality image for extra detailed designs. The logos are fused into the surface of the all rubber mat for extended strength. The perfect logo floor mat designed to fight the elements outdoors or indoors.

Can I See What My Custom School Logo and/or Military Logo Mat Looks Like Before I Buy?

Of course you can! Our Mat Tech Team wants to ensure that you are fully satisfied with both the design and craftsmanship of your custom military or school logo mats, and that is why we offer free colorful art proofs before you make your final purchase. With this complimentary art proof, you will be able to see your school and/or military door mats in vivid detail so you can be sure that your new mats will provide the optimal welcome to your school or academy.

How Much Will Shipping Cost for My School and/or Military Mat Order?

We are happy to report that shipping is absolutely free for all domestic orders over $100! Once you approve your free art design proof, your brand new custom logo mat will be headed straight to your school or academy!

How Long Will it Take to Receive My Military and/or School Floor Mat?

After you approve our complimentary art design proof, you can expect to receive your deluxe military and/or school logo mat within 7-12 business days. Please note that for large/custom orders, there will be additional production time needed to ensure that every single detail of your order is precisely accounted for. And for friendly assistance with your extra-large or custom orders, please feel free to contact our Mat Teach Team today!

Still on the Fence About Purchasing Your Military and School Logo Mats from Mat Tech?

Our team understands that purchasing a military logo and/or school logo mat for your institution warrants a thoughtful decision. This logo mat will be emblazoned with your proud school or academy’s crest and, thus, will serve as the foundational tone-setter for all those who enter. For these critical reasons, we recognize that you cannot afford for any detail to be overlooked.

From our superior material quality to our professional art designs, we’d love to list a few proven reasons why your military or school floor mats are certain to be a cut above the competition:

Over 45 Years of Commercial Matting Experience

At Mat Tech, we are proud to report that we have over 45 years of direct experience in the commercial matting industry. We have seen what materials best hold up through time and what design processes lead to the most precise results. We’ve also continuously evolved how we deliver the best possible customer service in the industry. We would not be here all these years later without our loyal customers, and this sentiment drives us every day to create premier products such as our entrance mats for schools and military academies.

Low Price Guarantee

When it comes to premier mat quality and low prices, we want our customers to have the best of both worlds. That’s why our low price guarantee assures you that if our mat quality is not measurably better, our prices are not lower, or both, we will credit the price difference back to you with an additional 5% on top. This guarantee covers you within 30 days of your Mat Tech purchase and is our way of ensuring that your military or school mat purchase delivers you the best possible value.

An Industry-Leading Performance Evaluation Program

When we say our mats are a cut above the competition, we mean it. We stringently test the fiber content; dirt retention; water absorption; abrasion resistance; material compound quality; color stability; slip resistance; comfort; and overall design of every single mat we sell. We take our customers’ trust seriously and we will never compromise on delivering premium quality mats that you can truly count on.

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