Dry Area Anti-Fatigue Mats

Dry area anti-fatigue mats increase worker efficiency and improve employee morale by reducing stress and fatigue in lower backs, legs and feet. The more comfortable your employees are the more productive they will be. You benefit when employees take less time off, make fewer mistakes or even have fewer accidents that can be related to worker fatigue and exhaustion. Studies show lower back pain and leg fatigue are the major reasons for employees missing work. Dry area anti-fatigue mats effectively reduce both stress and fatigue when workers are doing a tough job on their feet.

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Showing all 9 results

Have you ever wondered how or why an anti-fatigue mat actually works? When an individual stands on a hard, cold surface like concrete, for extended periods, muscle becomes stressed and tension will build up. Tense, contracted muscles will restrict blood flow that carry’s nutrients and oxygen to those muscles. Muscles that cannot produce energy gradually become exhausted. A soft, resilient anti-fatigue mat will allow an individual’s feet to move very slightly back and forth on the soft surface. These small movements aid blood circulation and increase vital oxygen and nutrition supply to muscles. Well-fed muscles do not become fatigued, as they are not starved of nutrients. Simply stated, anti- fatigue mats improve blood circulation that carries’ vital nutrients to muscles, allowing maximum energy production and keeping muscles strong.

Our dry area anti-fatigue mats are constructed out of resilient foam with plenty of flexibility and bounce. Our anti-fatigue mats often have a tough solid wear layer on the top surface that protects the foam base from wear and extends the service life of your anti-fatigue mat. It’s important the materials have the proper combination of flex and yet support in individuals weight. All of Mat-Tech’s dry area anti-fatigue mats have been tested in the real world and offer maximum fatigue relieving performance.