Commercial Anti-Fatigue Mats

Commercial anti-fatigue mats are perfect for office and retail applications where appearances as well as performance are priorities. Our fatigue mats are available with carpet, solid rubber or vinyl surfaces; providing you with a variety of attractive choices to match your decor. Depending on your needs, we can provide you with commercial mats with a variety of benefits.

anti fatigue mats
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Whether you need a more durable rubber mat, an attractive carpet top mat or a more economic foam comfort mat, we have the commercial anti-fatigue mat to best fit your needs. All commercial anti fatigue mats from Mat Tech will come with safety beveled edges that help reduce the chance of slips and falls. These fatigue mats are available in two thicknesses, offering two levels of comfort. Thicker anti-fatigue mats usually do a better job relieving muscle fatigue. All our mats also come with a one year guarantee. With a commercial anti fatigue mat from Mat Tech, you are assured they will provide comfort for employees, years of trouble free service and will compliment any decor. If you need any help picking the right commercial anti fatigue mat, please remember that our years of matting experience are just a phone call or chat away.