Stormfront Olefin Entrance Mat

stormfront olefin entrance mat application
Economical with excellent moisture retention


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Stormfront Olefin provides an economical solution to moisture retention. This tough entrance mat will protect the interior of your facility while maintaining its vibrant appearance.
  • Stormfront Olefin Entrance Mat's carpet dries 2-3 times faster than many other types of entrance mat fibers.
  • 16 oz. of continuous filament olefin yarn offers excellent water and dirt retention at your entrances.
  • Stain, soil and mildew resistant solution-dyed yarn maintains its bright color and luster, even in direct sunlight.
  • Solid vinyl backing with 3/4” borders will protect your floors and keep your entrance mat flat and in place.
  • Stormfront Olefin entrance matting is designed to do a tough job at an economical price.


SizeColorQty 1Qty 2 - 4Qty 5 - 14Qty 15 +
2' x 3'Any Color$38.00$35.34$30.39$25.23
3' x 4'Any Color$52.00$48.36$41.59$34.52
3' x 5'Any Color$68.00$63.24$54.39$45.14
3' x 10'Any Color$110.00$102.30$87.98$73.02
3' x 12'Any Color$135.00$125.55$107.97$89.62
3' x 16'Any Color$188.00$174.84$150.36$124.80
3' x 20'Any Color$225.00$209.25$179.96$149.36
4' x 6'Any Color$90.00$83.70$71.98$59.75
4' x 8'Any Color$120.00$111.60$95.98$79.66
4' x 10'Any Color$150.00$139.50$119.97$99.58
4' x 12'Any Color$180.00$167.40$143.96$119.49
4' x 16'Any Color$250.00$232.50$199.95$165.96
4' x 20'Any Color$300.00$279.00$239.94$199.15
6' x 8'Any Color$180.00$167.40$143.96$119.49
6' x 10'Any Color$225.00$209.25$179.96$149.36
6' x 12'Any Color$270.00$251.10$215.95$179.24
6' x 16'Any Color$375.00$348.75$299.93$248.94
6' x 20'Any Color$450.00$418.50$359.91$298.73


Product Mat TypeWipe
Product Price RangeEconomy
Product Placement / LocationIndoors
Product ConstructionGood
Product PerformanceGood
Product ValueGood
Product Surface PatternPlush, Smooth
Product Thickness5/16"
Product Colors Available15
Product Carpet Weight16 oz. s/y
Product Carpet Face FiberSingle Filament Olefin
Product Backing MaterialVinyl
Product Edging3/4" Vinyl
Product Water AbsorptionBetter
Product Dirt RetentionLight
Product Wear ResistanceGood
Product Color StabilityBetter
Product Stain ResistanceBetter
Product Cleaning MethodExtract, Vaccuum

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