Wet Area Anti-Fatigue Mats

Wet area anti-fatigue mats are designed specifically for locations where employees stand for extended periods but are also exposed to water and liquids that can accumulate around their work station. Wet area anti-fatigue mats are designed with large drainage holes that allow water and fluids to flow away from the standing surface below foot contact. Employee foot gear is raised above the liquids, helping keep them dry, comfortable and safe. When floors are wet and slippery employees are prone to slips, falls and accidents. Wet area anti-fatigue mats are engineered to handle the rigors of a wet industrial environments. Tough, resilient, comfortable and non-absorbent wet area anti-fatigue mats relieve stress and reduce fatigued muscles while improving safety.

wet area anti fatigue mats application
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Anti-fatigue mats improve the ergonomics of the workplace and worker morale. Enhancing the work environment for your workers with quality anti-fatigue mats pays dividends by increasing productivity, reducing accidents and will help reduce sick days due to lower back and leg pain or even injury. Anti- fatigue mats will also improve traction on dangerous slippery floors.

Choosing the right anti-fatigue mat is an important decision; some anti-fatigue mats are not designed for high moisture environments and can become saturated with fluids and simply add to the problem of wet floors. Industrial fluids can quickly break down many foam anti-fatigue mats. We only offer anti-fatigue mats that can handle wet industrial locations. Where people work and slippery floors exist, wet area anti-fatigue mats are a smart investment, improving the work environment in both comfort and safety. Wet area anti-fatigue mats are very beneficial when placed along assembly lines, at manufacturing work stations or in commercial kitchens, anywhere water, fluid and employees exist.