High Traffic Logo Mat

High Traffic Logo Mat
Our Most Durable Mat. Extreme Duty Berber Indoor/Outdoor Logo Mat


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High Traffic Inlay Logo Mats are our most durable logo mats available. They will maintain their appearance even in the harshest conditions.
  • High Traffic Logo Mat's inlaid graphics have extremely clear design definition.
  • Color stable and stain resistant fiber is very easy to clean just vacuum, hose off, or steam clean.
  • Your logo mat can be customized to any shape or size to fit your area. Contact Mat Tech to learn more about our customized high traffic inlay mat solutions.
  • Custom vinyl beveled edging around the perimeter prevents trips and falls.
  • The Berber fiber will help clean and scrape shoes.
  • Great for Commercial and Residential lobbies. All weather, indoor/outdoor mat.
  • *Complex logo designs may incur an up charge.


SizeQty 1Qty 2 - 10Qty 11 - 25Qty 26 +
2' x 3'$185.00$179.45$174.07$168.83
3' x 4'$196.88$190.97$185.24$179.67
3' x 5'$278.00$269.66$261.57$253.70
3' x 6'$325.45$315.69$306.22$297.01
3' x 8'$430.00$417.10$404.59$392.42
3' x 10'$542.00$525.74$509.97$494.63
3' x 12'$598.50$580.55$563.13$546.19
3' x 15'$812.00$787.64$764.01$741.03
3' x 16'$868.00$841.96$816.70$792.14
3' x 20'$1,080.00$1,047.60$1,016.17$985.61
4' x 6'$419.95$407.35$395.13$383.25
4' x 8'$577.45$560.13$543.32$526.98
4' x 10'$725.00$703.25$682.15$661.64
4' x 12'$798.00$774.06$750.84$728.25
4' x 15'$1,085.00$1,052.45$1,020.88$990.17
4' x 16'$1,160.00$1,125.20$1,091.44$1,058.62
4' x 20'$1,450.00$1,406.50$1,364.31$1,323.27
5' x 6'$548.00$531.56$515.61$500.10
5' x 8'$730.00$708.10$686.86$666.20
5' x 12'$1,160.00$1,125.20$1,091.44$1,058.62
5' x 15'$1,450.00$1,406.50$1,364.31$1,323.27
6' x 8'$1,090.00$1,057.30$1,025.58$994.73
6' x 10'$1,365.00$1,324.05$1,284.33$1,245.70
6' x 12'$1,415.00$1,372.55$1,331.37$1,291.33
6' x 15'$1,625.00$1,576.25$1,528.96$1,482.98
6' x 20'$2,170.00$2,104.90$2,041.75$1,980.34


Product Logo Image ClarityBest
Product Price RangePremium
Product ValueBest
Product Placement / LocationIndoors, Outdoors
Product ConstructionBest
Product PerformanceBest
Product Logo Application ProcessInlaid
Product Surface PatternBerber
Product Thickness3/8"
Product Colors Available21
Product Colors Per Design7
Product Color StabilityBest
Product Carpet Weight52 oz. s/y
Product Carpet Face FiberPolypropylene
Product Backing MaterialAnti-skid Foam
Product EdgingBeveled
Product Wear ResistanceBest
Product Stain ResistanceBest
Product Water AbsorptionBest
Product Dirt RetentionHeavy Duty
Product Cleaning MethodSteam Clean, Vaccuum

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