Marbleized Tile Top Anti Fatigue Mat

Anti-Fatigue mat
Tough wear surface, soft foam base


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Marbleized Tile Top Anti Fatigue is an extremely durable anti fatigue mat. This mat combines a tough wear surface with a soft foam base for added comfort.
  • Marbleized Tile Top Anti Fatigue Mat's solid vinyl marbleized top surface is laminated to a resilient closed-cell foam base offering exceptional fatigue relief.
  • Unsurpassed anti-fatigue comfort is available in two thicknesses: Standard 1/2” thick or Super Soft 7/8” thick.
  • Wear and tear resistant solid-vinyl top surface offers years of comfort and is very easy to clean.
  • Marbleized Tile Top anti-fatigue mat increases productivity and improves moral while enhancing the workplace.
  • Safety beveled edging on all four sides eliminates trips and falls.
  • Custom sizes available. Contact us


SizeThicknessColorQty 1Qty 2 - 10Qty 11 - 25Qty 26 +
2' x 3'1/2''Any Color$63.20$61.94$60.70$59.48
3' x 5'1/2''Any Color$160.00$156.80$153.66$150.59
3' x 8'1/2''Any Color$255.00$249.90$244.90$240.00
3' x 12'1/2''Any Color$390.00$382.20$374.56$367.06
4' x 6'1/2''Any Color$255.00$249.90$244.90$240.00
4' x 8'1/2''Any Color$342.00$335.16$328.46$321.89
4' x 12'1/2''Any Color$515.00$504.70$494.61$484.71
6' x 8'1/2''Any Color$615.00$602.70$590.65$578.83
6' x 12'1/2''Any Color$920.00$901.60$883.57$865.90
2' x 3'7/8''Any Color$75.00$73.50$72.03$70.59
3' x 5'7/8''Any Color$185.00$181.30$177.67$174.12
3' x 8'7/8''Any Color$298.00$292.04$286.20$280.48
3' x 12'7/8''Any Color$445.00$436.10$427.38$418.83
4' x 6'7/8''Any Color$299.00$293.02$287.16$281.42
4' x 8'7/8''Any Color$390.00$382.20$374.56$367.06
4' x 12'7/8''Any Color$690.00$676.20$662.68$649.42
6' x 8'7/8''Any Color$748.00$733.04$718.38$704.01
6' x 12'7/8''Any Color$1,125.00$1,102.50$1,080.45$1,058.84


Product Comfort LevelBest
Product Price RangePremium
Product ValueBetter
Product ConstructionBest
Product PerformanceBest
Product Thickness7/8", 1/2"
Product Colors Available4
Product Wear ResistanceBest
Product Stain ResistanceBest
Product EdgingBeveled
Product Surface PatternSmooth
Product Surface Material1/8" Vinyl
Product Backing MaterialUltra Foam
Product Cleaning MethodMop, Sweep

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