Diamond Plate Anti-Fatigue Mat

Most durable, industrial strength anti-fatigue mat

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Diamond Plate Anti Fatigue Mats are our most durable, industrial strength fatigue mat. This mat will perform under any conditions, no matter how strenuous.
  • Diamond Plate Anti-Fatigue Mat's heavy duty solid vinyl surface protects the foam base from industrial chemicals.
  • Diamond Plate surface pattern improves traction and minimizes the risk of slipping accidents.
  • Resilient anti-fatigue foam base is exceptional for fatigue and stress relief.
  • This anti-fatigue floor mat comes in solid black or black with yellow borders for added safety.
  • A great mat for dry industrial applications where durability and tough service life is desired.


SizeThicknessColorQty 1Qty 2 - 10Qty 11 - 25Qty 26 +
2' x 3'9/16''All Black$52.00$50.44$48.93$47.46
3' x 5'9/16''All Black$118.00$114.46$111.03$107.70
3' x 8'9/16''All Black$205.00$198.85$192.88$187.10
3' x 10'9/16''All Black$260.00$252.20$244.63$237.29
4' x 6'9/16''All Black$203.00$196.91$191.00$185.27
4' x 8'9/16''All Black$273.00$264.81$256.87$249.16
4' x 12'9/16''All Black$415.00$402.55$390.47$378.76
2' x 3'9/16''Black/Yellow$52.00$50.44$48.93$47.46
3' x 5'9/16''Black/Yellow$127.00$123.19$119.49$115.91
3' x 8'9/16''Black/Yellow$216.00$209.52$203.23$197.14
3' x 10'9/16''Black/Yellow$276.00$267.72$259.69$251.90
4' x 6'9/16''Black/Yellow$216.00$209.52$203.23$197.14
4' x 8'9/16''Black/Yellow$288.00$279.36$270.98$262.85
4' x 12'9/16''Black/Yellow$432.00$419.04$406.47$394.27
2' x 3'1''All Black$64.00$62.08$60.22$58.41
3' x 5'1''All Black$163.00$158.11$153.37$148.77
3' x 8'1''All Black$285.00$276.45$268.16$260.11
3' x 10'1''All Black$360.00$349.20$338.72$328.56
4' x 6'1''All Black$285.00$276.45$268.16$260.11
4' x 8'1''All Black$385.00$373.45$362.25$351.38
4' x 12'1''All Black$575.00$557.75$541.02$524.79
2' x 3'1''Black/Yellow$69.00$66.93$64.92$62.97
3' x 5'1''Black/Yellow$173.00$167.81$162.78$157.89
3' x 8'1''Black/Yellow$309.00$299.73$290.74$282.02
3' x 10'1''Black/Yellow$386.00$374.42$363.19$352.29
4' x 6'1''Black/Yellow$309.00$299.73$290.74$282.02
4' x 8'1''Black/Yellow$412.00$399.64$387.65$376.02
4' x 12'1''Black/Yellow$618.00$599.46$581.48$564.03


Product Comfort LevelBest
Product Price RangePremium
Product ValueBest
Product ConstructionBest
Product PerformanceBest
Product Thickness5/8", 7/8"
Product Colors Available2
Product Wear ResistanceBest
Product Stain ResistanceBest
Product EdgingBeveled
Product Surface PatternDiamond Plate
Product Surface Material1/8" Vinyl
Product Backing MaterialUltra Foam
Product Cleaning MethodMop, Sweep

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