Drainage Mats

Drainage mats are designed to keep busy commercial food preparation areas clean, safe and dry for all employees. Manufactured out of the highest quality, grease resistant, durable rubber, drainage mats create a resilient, flexible walking surface that is both slip-resistant and comfortable. Water and debris will drain below the walking surface away from shoe bottoms for added safety. Our kitchen mats are available with drain thru holes, allowing debris and fluid to flow off the walking surface below the drainage mat. Improve the work environment, add comfort for your work force and reduce the potential for slips and falls with high quality drainage mats from Mat-Tech.

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Our drainage safety mats are also well suited to industrial applications such as food processing and industrial plants where moisture or fluids are present. The drainage holes allow water to flow through the mat away from shoe bottoms, reducing slippery conditions in any application. These safety mats are designed with slip resistant surfaces that improve employee safety and help prevent workplace accidents. Most of our drainage safety mats are also welding safe; they will not support combustion and have anti-microbial properties that reduce germ reproduction on the surface of the drainage mat. They are molded from solid rubber that is grease-proof and resistant to industrial chemicals, petroleum oils and animal fats. Our drainage mats are also all easy to clean. Simply hose off or pressure wash to remove dirt and debris. They will keep your work areas clean, safe and comfortable for employees.