Hog Heaven Rubber Anti-Fatigue Mat

hog heaven rubber anti fatigue mat application
Tough rubber surface, comfortable, resilient bottom


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Hog Heaven Rubber’s tough surface combines comfort with durability. This mat will stand up to harsh conditions while maintaining its anti fatigue mat properties.
  • Hog Heaven Rubber Anti-Fatigue Mat is a wear-resistant, textured Nitrile rubber mat. Surface is fused to a sponge base for exceptional anti fatigue mat properties.
  • Available in standard 5/8” thick or double duty 7/8” thick for unsurpassed comfort, performance and durability.
  • More comfortable and durable than other laminated vinyl anti fatigue mats.
  • This product is welder safe.
  • *IMPORTANT- All rubber backed matting has a manufacturing size variance of +/- 5%


SizeThicknessColorQty 1 - 100Qty 101 +
2' x 3'5/8''All Black$55.00$54.45
3' x 5'5/8''All Black$110.00$108.90
3' x 12'5/8''All Black$260.00$257.40
4' x 6'5/8''All Black$180.00$178.20
2' x 3'5/8''Black/Orange$70.00$69.30
2' x 3'5/8''Black/Yellow$70.00$69.30
2' x 3'5/8''Black/Red$70.00$69.30
2' x 3'5/8''Black/Green$70.00$69.30
3' x 5'5/8''Black/Orange$125.00$123.75
3' x 5'5/8''Black/Yellow$125.00$123.75
3' x 5'5/8''Black/Red$125.00$123.75
3' x 5'5/8''Black/Green$125.00$123.75
3' x 12'5/8''Black/Orange$305.00$301.95
3' x 12'5/8''Black/Yellow$305.00$301.95
3' x 12'5/8''Black/Red$305.00$301.95
3' x 12'5/8''Black/Green$305.00$301.95
4' x 6'5/8''Black/Orange$202.00$199.98
4' x 6'5/8''Black/Yellow$202.00$199.98
4' x 6'5/8''Black/Red$202.00$199.98
4' x 6'5/8''Black/Green$202.00$199.98
2' x 3'7/8''All Black$70.00$69.30
3' x 5'7/8''All Black$128.00$126.72
3' x 12'7/8''All Black$300.00$297.00
4' x 6'7/8''All Black$205.00$202.95
2' x 3'7/8''Black/Orange$72.00$71.28
2' x 3'7/8''Black/Yellow$72.00$71.28
2' x 3'7/8''Black/Red$72.00$71.28
2' x 3'7/8''Black/Green$72.00$71.28
3' x 5'7/8''Black/Orange$145.00$143.55
3' x 5'7/8''Black/Yellow$145.00$143.55
3' x 5'7/8''Black/Red$145.00$143.55
3' x 5'7/8''Black/Green$145.00$143.55
3' x 12'7/8''Black/Orange$345.00$341.55
3' x 12'7/8''Black/Red$345.00$341.55
3' x 12'7/8''Black/Green$348.00$344.52
4' x 6'7/8''Black/Orange$237.60$235.22
4' x 6'7/8''Black/Yellow$237.60$235.22
4' x 6'7/8''Black/Red$237.60$235.22
4' x 6'7/8''Black/Green$237.60$235.22


Product Comfort LevelBest
Product Price RangePremium
Product ValueBest
Product ConstructionBest
Product PerformanceBest
Product Thickness7/8", 5/8"
Product Colors Available5
Product Wear ResistanceBest
Product Stain ResistanceBest
Product EdgingBeveled
Product Surface PatternDiamond Pattern
Product Surface MaterialNylon, Polypro Fiber, Rubber
Product Backing MaterialFlex Foam
Product Cleaning MethodMop, Sweep

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