Carpet Top Anti-Fatigue Mat

Plush Anti-Fatigue Mat
Attractive carpet surface, soft foam base


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Carpet Top Anti Fatigue is perfect for commercial anti fatigue applications. This mat combines an attractive carpet surface with a soft foam base for comfort.
  • Carpet Top Anti-Fatigue Mat's plush pile Olefin carpet surface is laminated to a resilient foam base for exceptional stress and fatigue relief.
  • Standard thickness is 5/8” or Super Soft 1” thick, offering unparalleled comfort.
  • Nine attractive carpet colors will blend with any décor.
  • The perfect anti-fatigue mat for offices, commercial buildings or anywhere employees stand for extended periods.
  • The subtle look of plush carpet combined with resilient foam for a terrific anti-fatigue mat.
  • Custom sizes available. Contact us.


SizeThicknessColorQty 1Qty 2 - 10Qty 11 - 25Qty 26 +
2' x 3'5/8''Any Color$58.00$56.84$55.70$54.59
3' x 5'5/8''Any Color$148.00$145.04$142.14$139.30
3' x 8'5/8''Any Color$251.00$245.98$241.06$236.24
3' x 10'5/8''Any Color$314.00$307.72$301.57$295.53
3' x 16'5/8''Any Color$501.20$491.18$481.35$471.73
4' x 6'5/8''Any Color$251.00$245.98$241.06$236.24
4' x 10'5/8''Any Color$419.00$410.62$402.41$394.36
4' x 12'5/8''Any Color$502.00$491.96$482.12$472.48
4' x 16'5/8''Any Color$672.00$658.56$645.39$632.48
2' x 3'1''Any Color$77.00$75.46$73.95$72.47
3' x 5'1''Any Color$194.00$190.12$186.32$182.59
3' x 8'1''Any Color$346.00$339.08$332.30$325.65
3' x 10'1''Any Color$432.00$423.36$414.89$406.59
3' x 16'1''Any Color$685.00$671.30$657.87$644.72
4' x 6'1''Any Color$347.00$340.06$333.26$326.59
4' x 10'1''Any Color$578.00$566.44$555.11$544.01
4' x 12'1''Any Color$693.00$679.14$665.56$652.25
4' x 16'1''Any Color$923.00$904.54$886.45$868.72


Product Comfort LevelBest
Product Price RangePremium
Product ValueBest
Product ConstructionBest
Product PerformanceBest
Product Thickness7/8", 1/2"
Product Colors Available9
Product Wear ResistanceBest
Product Stain ResistanceGood
Product EdgingBeveled
Product Surface PatternPlush Carpet
Product Surface MaterialPlush Carpet
Product Backing MaterialUltra Foam
Product Cleaning MethodExtract, Vaccuum

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