Stat Zap Corrugated ESD Switchboard Mat

stat zap corrugated esd waterfall
Static discharge protection for equipment


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Stat Zap Corrugated ESD Switchboard Mat provides excellent static discharge protection for sensitive equipment. This mat sucks static electricity out of users in order to prevent shocks from transferring to machinery.
  • Stat Zap Corrugated ESD instantly discharges static electricity before it can zap your micro-circuitry.
  • Protects sensitive electronic equipment from harmful electric discharge.
  • Tough vinyl compound instantly absorbs and dissipates static charges.
  • Saw-tooth corrugated surface design improving safety in the workplace.
  • Highly resistant to wear and abrasion.


SizeQty 1Qty 2 - 10Qty 11 - 25Qty 26 +
3' x 5'$107.00$104.86$102.76$100.71
3' x 10'$224.00$219.52$215.13$210.83
3' x 12'$289.00$283.22$277.56$272.00
3' x 60'$843.00$826.14$809.62$793.42
4' x 6'$173.65$170.18$166.77$163.44
4' x 8'$293.25$287.39$281.64$276.00
4' x 15'$385.00$377.30$369.75$362.36
4' x 60'$1,123.00$1,100.54$1,078.53$1,056.96


Product Price RangeEconomy
Product DurabilityBetter
Product ConstructionBetter
Product PerformanceBetter
Product ValueBetter
Product Wear ResistanceBetter
Product Surface PatternCorrugated Saw Tooth
Product MaterialPVC Vinyl
Product Water DrainageNo
Product Chemical ResistanceBetter
Product Thickness1/8"
Product Colors Available1
Product Cleaning MethodSweep, Vaccuum

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