Waterhog Classic Entrance Mat

waterhog classic entrance mats application
Highest level of dirt and water retention


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Waterhog Classic offers our highest level of dirt and water retention. This mat will effectively protect the interior of any area from damaging debris.
  • Waterhog Classic Entrance Mat is the original rubber reinforced waffle pattern entrance mat!
  • Unique construction effectively removes debris and traps dirt and moisture.
  • Hefty 24 oz. sq. yd., anti-static 100% premium polypropylene will not fade or discolor.
  • The original "Water-Dam” border holds up to 1.5 gallons of water per sq yd!
  • Solid Red, Orange, Yellow, Gold, Light Green, Aquamarine, Purple & White are available in 3' width only.


SizeColorQty 1Qty 2 - 4Qty 5 - 14Qty 15 +
2' x 3'Any Color$48.00$46.08$43.78$41.59
3' x 4'Any Color$84.00$80.64$76.61$72.78
3' x 5'Any Color$102.00$97.92$93.02$88.37
3' x 8'Any Color$165.50$158.88$150.94$143.39
3' x 10'Any Color$179.00$171.84$163.25$155.09
3' x 12'Any Color$248.00$238.08$226.18$214.87
3' x 16'Any Color$330.00$316.80$300.96$285.91
3' x 20'Any Color$420.00$403.20$383.04$363.89
4' x 6'Any Color$143.00$137.28$130.42$123.90
4' x 8'Any Color$220.00$211.20$200.64$190.61
4' x 10'Any Color$238.00$228.48$217.06$206.20
4' x 12'Any Color$331.00$317.76$301.87$286.78
4' x 16'Any Color$440.00$422.40$401.28$381.22
4' x 20'Any Color$550.00$528.00$501.60$476.52
6' x 8'Any Color$345.00$331.20$314.64$298.91
6' x 12'Any Color$502.00$481.92$457.82$434.93
6' x 16'Any Color$660.00$633.60$601.92$571.82
6' x 20'Any Color$828.00$794.88$755.14$717.38


Product Mat TypeBrush, Wipe
Product Price RangePremium
Product Placement / LocationIndoors, Outdoors
Product ConstructionBest
Product PerformanceBest
Product ValueBest
Product Surface PatternWaffle
Product Thickness3/8"
Product Colors Available18
Product Carpet Weight24 oz. s/y
Product Carpet Face FiberPolypropylene
Product Backing MaterialPremium Rubber
Product Edging1" Water Dam
Product Water AbsorptionBetter
Product Dirt RetentionHeavy Duty
Product Wear ResistanceBetter
Product Color StabilityBetter
Product Stain ResistanceBetter
Product Cleaning MethodExtract, Vaccuum

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