MIL Spec Diamond Plate Switchboard Mat

Military high voltage protection


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Military Spec Diamond Plate Switchboard Mat is specially designed to meet military standards for high voltage protection. This mat is unmatched in switchboard matting performance.
  • MIL Spec DP Switchboard protects workers from electrical shock hazards associated with High Voltage equipment.
  • Conforms to MIL SPEC. MIL-DTL-155626, Type III as amended.
  • 3/16” thick, Dielectric Test Voltage: 30,000 VAC.
  • Proof Tested over entire surface at: 15,000 VAC.
  • Recommended Maximum use Voltage: 3,000 VAC.


SizeQty 1Qty 2 - 7Qty 8 - 14Qty 15 +
3' x 3'$97.00$95.06$94.11$93.17
3' x 5'$161.00$157.78$156.20$154.64
3' x 8'$257.00$251.86$249.34$246.85
3' x 12'$386.00$378.28$374.50$370.75
3' x 15'$480.00$470.40$465.70$461.04
3' x 20'$640.00$627.20$620.93$614.72
3' x 45'$1,414.00$1,385.72$1,371.86$1,358.14
3' x 75'$2,078.00$2,036.44$2,016.08$1,995.91


Product Price RangeModerate
Product DurabilityBetter
Product ConstructionBetter
Product PerformanceBetter
Product ValueBetter
Product Wear ResistanceBetter
Product Surface PatternSmooth
Product MaterialPVC Vinyl
Product Water DrainageNo
Product Chemical ResistanceBetter
Product Thickness1/8"
Product Colors Available1
Product Cleaning MethodSweep, Vaccuum

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