Custom Shaped Logo Mat

Custom Shaped Logo Mat
Custom Shaped Logo Mats and Patterns of all Types


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      A color art proof will be created of your logo mat design “before production begins”. Once you receive the art proof, please review it in detail and return it to us with your approval.
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Custom Shaped Logo Mats are completely customizable, allowing you to create any shape or pattern you can imagine. Impress your visitors with a Shapeable Logo Mat from Mat Tech.
  • Custom shapes and designs set Shapeable logo mats apart from the pack.
  • Unlimited creative shapes and designs to catch the eye of passerby’s.
  • Permanently deep dyed logo graphics create dramatic designs.
  • Unlimited color combinations for your logo mat design at no additional cost.
  • Perfect for complex logo designs with multiple colors.
  • Contact Mat Tech for a custom quote.


SizeQty 1Qty 2 - 10Qty 11 - 25Qty 26 +
3' x 4'$266.80$186.76$149.41$134.47
3' x 5'$333.50$233.45$186.76$168.08
3' x 10'$667.00$466.90$373.52$336.17
4' x 6'$540.46$378.32$302.66$272.39
4' x 8'$720.60$504.42$403.54$363.18
6' x 6'$800.40$560.28$448.22$403.40
6' x 10'$1,334.00$933.80$747.04$672.34
3' Circle$216.18$151.33$121.06$108.95
4' Circle$389.02$272.31$217.85$196.07
6' Circle$864.60$605.22$484.18$435.76


Product Background ColorRose, Red, Burgundy, Hot Pink, Dark Gold, Orange, Gold, Yellow, Forest Green, Emerald Green, Moss Green, Brown, Suede, Sandlewood, Navy Blue, Turquiose, Royal Blue, Light Blue, Purple, Black, Dark Gray, Silver, White, White-Silver
Product Logo Image ClarityBest
Product Price RangeModerate
Product ValueBetter
Product Placement / LocationIndoors
Product ConstructionBest
Product PerformanceBetter
Product Logo Application ProcessInjection Dyed
Product Surface PatternPlush, Smooth
Product Thickness3/8"
Product Colors Available150
Product Colors Per Design7
Product Color StabilityBetter
Product Carpet Weight30 oz. s/y
Product Carpet Face FiberNylon Twist
Product Backing MaterialSmooth Vinyl
Product EdgingNylon Binding
Product Wear ResistanceBest
Product Stain ResistanceBetter
Product Water AbsorptionBetter
Product Dirt RetentionGood
Product Cleaning MethodSteam Clean, Vaccuum

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