Corrugated Runner

corrugated switchboard safety mat application
Anti-slip runner protection in three thicknesses


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Corrugated Runner offers heavy duty slip protection in 3 different thicknesses. This mat provides you with options to best meet your needs from ultra heavy duty to affordability.
  • Corrugated Runner Mat's V-groove surface pattern “grabs” the bottom of foot wear, improving traction on slippery floors.
  • Tough “Koroseal” vinyl construction is highly resistant to wear, abrasion and is impervious to most industrial chemicals.
  • For those extra tough applications, our corrugated runner matting is available in three different thicknesses.
  • This mat is very easy to clean, just wipe or sweep in the direction of the grooves.
  • A cost effective safety floor product offered in a variety of widths and lengths to suit your needs.


SizeThicknessQty 1Qty 2 - 7Qty 8 - 15Qty 16 +
2' x 30'1/8''$144.00$139.18$135.97$133.60
3' x 30'1/8''$208.80$201.81$197.16$193.71
3' x 105'1/8''$730.80$706.32$690.07$678.00
4' x 30'1/8''$278.40$269.07$262.88$258.28
4' x 105'1/8''$974.40$941.76$920.10$904.00
6' x 105'1/8''$3,124.80$3,020.12$2,950.66$2,899.02
3' x 75'3/16''$1,089.00$1,052.52$1,028.31$1,010.32
4' x 75'3/16''$1,620.00$1,565.73$1,529.72$1,502.95
2' x 75'1/4''$876.00$846.65$827.18$812.71
3' x 75'1/4''$1,314.00$1,269.98$1,240.77$1,219.06
4' x 75'1/4''$1,752.00$1,693.31$1,654.36$1,625.41


Product Price RangeEconomy
Product DurabilityGood
Product ConstructionGood
Product PerformanceGood
Product ValueGood
Product Wear ResistanceBetter
Product Surface PatternCorrugated Saw Tooth
Product MaterialPVC Vinyl
Product Water DrainageNo
Product Chemical ResistanceBetter
Product Thickness1/8", 1/4", 3/16"
Product Colors Available3
Product Cleaning MethodSweep, Vaccuum

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