Traction Tread Anti-Slip Runner Mat

Anti-slip rubber, resistant to most chemicals

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Traction Tread Anti-Slip Runner Mat is made of highly slip resistant rubber. It is resistant to most chemicals and improves employee safety in the workplace.
  • Traction Tread Safety Mat's diamond surface grabs the bottom of foot wear, improving safety and protecting your floors.
  • This tough 1/8” thick solid nitrile rubber runner is extremely slip resistant.
  • Combines a unique diamond surface pattern with nitrile rubber for improved traction and safety.
  • Traction Tred is resistant to most industrial chemicals, including acid and alkalis.
  • Use Traction Tread runner mats on inclined walkways or wet slippery floors when safety is an important issue.


SizeQty 1Qty 2 - 10Qty 11 - 25Qty 26 +
3' x 5'$52.00$50.96$49.94$48.94
3' x 8'$80.00$78.40$76.83$75.30
3' x 12'$122.00$119.56$117.17$114.83
3' x 20'$201.00$196.98$193.04$189.18
3' x 40'$395.00$387.10$379.36$371.77
4' x 6'$82.00$80.36$78.75$77.18
4' x 8'$108.00$105.84$103.72$101.65
4' x 12'$159.00$155.82$152.70$149.65
4' x 20'$273.00$267.54$262.19$256.95
4' x 40'$533.00$522.34$511.89$501.66
5' x 8'$142.00$139.16$136.38$133.65
5' x 12'$215.00$210.70$206.49$202.36
5' x 20'$362.00$354.76$347.66$340.71
5' x 40'$715.00$700.70$686.69$672.95


Product Price RangeModerate
Product DurabilityBetter
Product ConstructionBetter
Product PerformanceBetter
Product ValueBetter
Product Wear ResistanceBest
Product Surface PatternDiamond Anti-slip
Product MaterialNitrile Rubber
Product Water DrainageNo
Product Chemical ResistanceBest
Product Thickness1/8"
Product Colors Available1
Product Cleaning MethodSweep, Vaccuum

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