Waterhog Masterpiece Entrance Mat

waterhog masterpiece entrance mat application
Attractive parquet surface pattern


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Waterhog Masterpiece’s attractive parquet surface pattern looks great in any setting. Make an impression on visitors with this stylish entrance mat.
  • Waterhog Masterpiece Entrance Mat offers superior stain resistance, excellent durability and colorfast characteristics.
  • Rubber-reinforced parquet surface pattern prevents pile from crushing, extending the product's life!
  • Water Dam border contains up to 1.5 gallons of water and debris in every sq. yd.
  • With 6 beautiful colors to choose from, Masterpiece Select is sure to be a crowd pleaser!
  • IMPORTANT- All rubber backed matting has a manufacturing size variance of +/- 5%.


SizeColorQty 1Qty 2 - 10Qty 11 - 25Qty 26 +
2' x 3'Any Color$45.00$44.10$43.22$42.03
3' x 4'Any Color$72.00$70.56$69.15$67.25
3' x 5'Any Color$91.00$89.18$87.40$84.99
3' x 8'Any Color$168.00$164.64$161.35$156.91
3' x 10'Any Color$183.00$179.34$175.75$170.92
3' x 12'Any Color$254.00$248.92$243.94$237.23
3' x 16'Any Color$339.00$332.22$325.58$316.62
3' x 20'Any Color$423.00$414.54$406.25$395.08
4' x 6'Any Color$142.00$139.16$136.38$132.63
4' x 8'Any Color$223.00$218.54$214.17$208.28
4' x 10'Any Color$240.00$235.20$230.50$224.16
4' x 12'Any Color$339.00$332.22$325.58$316.62
4' x 16'Any Color$452.00$442.96$434.10$422.16
4' x 20'Any Color$565.00$553.70$542.63$527.70
6' x 8'Any Color$339.00$332.22$325.58$316.62
6' x 12'Any Color$509.00$498.82$488.84$475.40
6' x 16'Any Color$678.00$664.44$651.15$633.24
6' x 20'Any Color$848.00$831.04$814.42$792.02


Product Mat TypeBrush, Wipe
Product Price RangePremium
Product Placement / LocationIndoors
Product ConstructionBest
Product PerformanceBest
Product ValueBest
Product Surface PatternParquet
Product Thickness5/16"
Product Colors Available6
Product Carpet Weight28 oz. s/y
Product Carpet Face FiberOlefin Loop
Product Backing MaterialPremium Rubber
Product Edging1" Water Dam
Product Water AbsorptionBest
Product Dirt RetentionHeavy Duty
Product Wear ResistanceBest
Product Color StabilityBest
Product Stain ResistanceBetter
Product Cleaning MethodExtract, Vaccuum

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