Outdoor Entrance Mats

Outdoor entrance mats are engineered for exterior locations completely exposed to the weather. We offer high-quality outdoor entry mats designed to handle exposure to rain, snow, dirt or other harsh outside elements, including UV from the sun. Commercial outdoor entrance mats effectively stop water and dirt outside your entrances before they are tracked into your building and damage flooring, increase your floor maintenance costs or create a hazardous slipping accident for people. Entrance mats are the first step in grime and moisture containment. Shop Mat Tech today.

Outdoor Rubber Entrance Mat
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Discover Outdoor Entrance Mats that Protect People and Your Facility

When it comes to making a great first impression, the entrance to your building is one of the most important areas to consider. Not only does it set the tone for the rest of the interior, but it’s also the first place visitors and customers will step foot on your property. That’s why it’s essential to have the right outdoor entrance mats to welcome guests and protect your floors from dirt, debris and moisture. Mat Tech offers a wide selection of high-quality outdoor entrance mats to suit any business or property.

Prevent Dirt Retracking With Commercial Outdoor Entrance Mats From Mat Tech

Outdoor entrance mats play a crucial role in keeping your building clean and safe. These mats are designed to aggressively grab debris and moisture from the bottom of visitors’ shoes, ensuring that they don’t track dirt and grime inside. However, if too much dirt accumulates on the surface of your outdoor entrance mat, it can lead to a problem called “dirt retracking.” This is when dirt sticks to the bottom of shoes and gets carried into your building.

To prevent dirt retracking, it’s important to choose an outdoor entry mat with a distinct surface pattern that has strong ridges and valleys. This design allows dirt and water to settle into the lower grooves, away from further contact with foot gear. By selecting an outdoor entrance mat with this type of surface, you can eliminate dirt retracking and keep your building cleaner and safer.

High-Quality Outdoor Entrance Mats

If you want to keep your building clean and free of dirt, placing a high-quality commercial outdoor entrance mat for guests to walk on is essential. But it’s not just about having a mat at the entrance, you also need to make sure it’s kept clean to prevent dirt retracking.

We offer outdoor entrance mats that are made from high-quality materials like slip-resistant rubber and quick-drying fibers. These mats are specially designed to effectively scrape and dry shoe bottoms, providing great traction even in harsh weather conditions.

To get the best results, we recommend using our outdoor entrance mats along with our absorbent interior entrance mats. This dynamic duo will work together to scrape heavy dirt and absorb water with every step, ensuring that your floors stay clean and dry. So, don’t wait any longer. Get your hands on Mat Tech’s outdoor entrance mats today and keep your building looking its best!

Outdoor Entrance Mats That Are Built to Last

We understand your outdoor entrance mats need to be tough enough to withstand the harshest conditions. That’s why our outdoor entry mats are designed to withstand the toughest weather conditions, including rain, snow and extreme temperatures. They’re made from high-quality materials that are resistant to wear and tear, so they’ll last for years, even with heavy foot traffic. This means you won’t have to replace your outdoor door mats as frequently, saving you time and money in the long run.

High-Quality Outdoor Entry Mats That Won’t Bust Your Budget

Mat Tech’s outdoor entrance mats are affordable, making them a great option for businesses and homeowners on a budget. While some entrance mats can be expensive, Mat Tech offers competitive prices for our outdoor entry mats without sacrificing quality. This means you can invest in a high-quality outdoor entrance mat without breaking the bank.

Frequently Asked Questions About Outdoor Entrance Mats

You want to find the right outdoor entrance mats for your business or home, but you still have questions. No worries. We have answered some common questions we hear about outdoor entry mats to help you.

What Size Should Outdoor Entrance Matting Be?

The size of your outdoor entrance matting will depend on the size of your entrance. Ideally, your mat should be long enough to allow visitors to take several steps on it, ensuring that they have ample opportunity to scrape and dry their shoes. Mat Tech offers a variety of sizes to fit your needs.

What Is the Best Type of Outdoor Entrance Mat?

The best type of outdoor entrance mat is one that has a distinct surface pattern with strong ridges and valleys. This design allows dirt and water to settle into the lower grooves, away from further contact with foot gear. Outdoor entrance mats made from non-absorbent, high traction materials like slip-resistant rubber and quick-drying, coarse, colorfast fibers are also very effective at scraping and drying shoe bottoms and improving traction.

What Do You Put Under an Outdoor Entrance Mat?

To prevent your outdoor entrance mat from slipping or shifting, it’s important to use a non-slip pad or rug grip underneath it. This will keep your mat in place and ensure that it provides the necessary traction for visitors to safely enter and exit your building. You can find a variety of non-slip pad options in our inventory, so you can always find one for your situation.

Trust Mat Tech For All Your Outdoor Entrance Mat Needs

Don’t let dirt and moisture ruin your floors and create a hazard for your visitors. Invest in top-quality outdoor entrance mats from Mat Tech and enjoy the peace of mind that comes with knowing your floors are protected. With a wide variety of colors and patterns to choose from, you’re sure to find an outdoor entry mat that fits your needs and matches your decor. For extra protection, our waterhog door mats absorb more dirt and water for high-traffic locations. So, why wait? Browse our website today to shop our selection of outdoor entrance mats and start protecting your floors now.