Outdoor Entrance Mats

Outdoor entrance mats are engineered for exterior locations completely exposed to the weather. They are designed to handle exposure to rain, snow, dirt or other harsh outside elements including UV from the Sun. Outdoor entrance mats effectively stop water and dirt outside your entrances “before” they are tracked into your building and can damage flooring, increase your floor maintenance costs or create a hazardous slipping accident for people. Outdoor entrance mats are the first step in grime and moisture containment.

Outdoor Rubber Entrance Mat
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Outdoor entrance mats will aggressively grab debris and moisture from the bottom of visitors’ shoes and hide it below the walking surface, so it’s not tracked inside. Dirt “retracking” occurs when excessive amounts of dirt accumulate on the top surface of your entrance mat. The following individuals walking on a dirty door mat surface will have dirt stick to their shoe bottoms and it will be carried inside your building. The surface design of your entrance mat is an important feature that will help eliminate this problem. It’s always a good idea to purchase an outdoor entrance mat that has a distinct surface pattern with strong ridges and valleys. Dirt and water will settle into the lower grooves, away from further contact with foot gear, eliminating dirt retracking.

Placing an adequate amount of door matting for guests to walk on and of course keeping your entrance mat clean will also help eliminate dirt retracking. Outdoor entrance mats are constructed out of non-absorbent, high traction materials, like slip resistant rubber and quick drying, coarse, colorfast fibers which are very effective at scraping and drying shoe bottoms and improving traction. All of our outdoor entrance mats are engineered to do a tough job in harshest of weather conditions. For the best results, always use outdoor entrance mats with absorbent interior door mats. They work as a team, scraping heavy dirt outside and absorbing water inside with every step.