Anti Slip Floor Mats for Safety

Anti-Slip Safety Mats

Anti-slip mats are engineered to increase traction on floors and reduce accidents associated with hazardous, wet, slippery conditions. These mats will help eliminate dangerous floor conditions. All commercial rubber floor mats with their unique surface patterns offer superior slip prevention on wet floors. Solid vinyl floor mats reduce accidents and protect floors in dry work conditions. Carbide grit surface anti-slip mats are the most aggressive slip resistant walking surface available and are perfect for those hazardous oily locations where “traction” is paramount.

Corrugated Runner

Corrugated Runner offers heavy duty slip protection in 3 different thicknesses. This mat provides you with options to best meet your needs from ultra heavy duty to affordability.

Diamond Plate

Diamond Plate Runner Mat incorporates a high friction diamond plate pattern onto the surface for effective slip resistance. This durable mat will help keep employees safe for years.

Traction Tread

Traction Tread Anti-Slip Runner Mat is made of highly slip resistant rubber. It is resistant to most chemicals and improves employee safety in the workplace.

Comfort Scrape

Comfort Scrape’s rubber design combines comfort with excellent slip resistance. This all rubber anti-fatigue mat will help keep visitors and employees safe while allowing them to stand in comfort.

Safety Scrape

Safety Scrape is an anti-slip safety mat that has an aggressive nip surface for extra traction. This anti-slip safety mat offers unmatched levels of traction for a reasonable price.

More about our Anti-Slip Safety Mats

Commercial Safety Mats

Anti-slip runners and commercial floor mats that are manufactured out of rubber, vinyl or with a carbide grit surface will solve the most difficult floor problems. They are all easy to clean and maintain. Choose the right type of safety mat or rubber anti-slip runner to best solve your floor safety problem. Our safety mats are available in a variety of sizes, shapes and designs for many different purposes and work environments. We also offer varying sizes and thicknesses to fit your application needs. Protect your employees from potential injuries due to dangerous slippery wet floors with the right safety mat from Mat-Tech. If you need any assistance finding the right safety mat for you, our matting experience is just a phone call away.

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