A General Overview of Recessed Grille Mats

Recessed Floor Mats have long been a popular choice among architects and building owners alike.  Recessed matting lays flush with the surrounding floor, as the mat (and accompanying frame) is laid into a depression or indentation which helps both with drainage as well as trips and falls.  Due to the myriad of depths, size and usages depending on location and foot traffic, several different recessed mat options will be explored and compared.

Perhaps the most popular and well-known form of recessed floors mats are the Recessed Grille Mats, also know as aluminum floor mats and metal mats and recessed floor grids.  These elegantly, sturdy mats contain carpet, vinyl or metal inserts that sit atop a metal grille, or platform and are held in with vinyl-acrylic rails and aluminum hinge connectors.  This design provides for maximum durability and wear-resistance.  Additionally, because there is no industry-standard regarding recess depth, these recessed mats are able to be manufactured to accommodate almost any depth between 3/8” and 4 1/2”.  Aesthetically pleasing and effective at removing dirt and debris, architects often specify these recessed grill mats for Class A facility and building entrances.

Another next-generation recessed floor mat widely used in high traffic commercial and institutional locations is the High Traffic Ulti Mat.  Unlike many of its predecessors, the High Traffic matting is constructed of polypropylene.  This durable material looks and feel likes a tightly woven fabric, but it is actually a plastic.  The benefits are numerous including an entrance mat that is faster drying, UV-light resistant, stain-resistant and crush-resistant.  The ridge or “hobnail” pattern offers a highly-effective cleaning surface to remove dirt, snow, sand and water from shoes.  Due to the tight weave, these floor mats do not show walking patterns.  The rubber backing and border resist crumbling, cracking and erosion which translates to a longer life even under heavy-use / highly-traversed conditions.  These mats are available up to 13’ 4” wide and over 70’ long.

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