5 Types of Mats For Commercial or Industrial Use

MAT PLACEMENT TIPS | September 16, 2022

What is a floor mat to you? Is it just decor that makes entryways and interiors look better, or can the many different types of floor mats be used effectively to better commercial and industrial facilities? We’ll let you in on a little secret – it’s the latter.

Industrial and commercial floor mats are designed for use inside and outside of facilities to protect both floors and occupants. However, it’s essential to know that not all types of mats perform the same functions, and each type has its own respective use.

Choosing the right floor mats for your facility based on their location and application can be a challenge for some. This article will review five different types of mats and detail where each is used to help better protect your facility, customers and employees.

Different Types of Mats

1. Custom Logo Mats

Custom logo mats are unique. They’re floor mat types with dynamic constructions, allowing them to be used as commercial entry or interior mats. Custom logo mats should have the same construction as their non-logo entrance mat counterparts – meaning they need to provide the soil and water stoppage, storage or scraping capabilities inherent in the best commercial entry mats. A critical design element of custom logo mats is clear, crisp graphic reproduction capable of catching the attention of passersby.

Custom Logo Mats

One of the most common misapplications of these types of floor mats is confusing them with specifically-designed interior logo mats at the entrance of a commercial facility. Indoor mats cannot provide the same level of permanent bi-level construction required in a commercial entry mat – meaning these types of mats can be saturated with soil and water, possibly becoming a significant source of contamination. They will also allow water to seep onto the floor, causing unsightly and unsafe conditions for customers and employees. That said, interior logo mats can control dust and moisture in conjunction with a planned matting program of scraper and entrance mats.

2. Indoor & Outdoor Entrance Mats

Soil is everywhere, and indoor and outdoor entrance mats are just the types of floor mats to contain it. Soil is a part of the Earth we live on, so managing it is vital to our everyday existence. Even the least sophisticated commercial facility requires some type of soil management program.

At the heart of soil management is the concept of prevention – companies need a way to prevent contaminants from entering a building. It’s estimated that 85% of all soil in a building enters on the feet of building occupants; of this, at least 80% is dry soil, while the rest is oily. Dry soil can range from powder-like dust to large particles. The ISSA (International Sanitary Supply Association) estimates that it costs nearly 600 dollars to find and remove one pound of soil once it enters an average building – most of which is primarily labor.

As indoor and outdoor entrance mats stop and contain soil and water, companies can instead focus on simply removing soil from the mat. Since outdoor and indoor entrance mats concentrate the soil in one localized environment, it’s far less costly for commercial building managers and employees. Outdoor and indoor entrance mats may also be scraper mats that provide the first line of defense against soil. Facilities should always use scraper mats with other entrance mats to ensure they can provide wiping properties that remove fine soil and water from feet.

Interior Commercial Floor Mats

3. Interior Commercial Floor Mats

Interior commercial floor mats are multipurpose – they can perform many tasks. In many cases, these types of mats are meant for “dust control” or as “finishing mats” when used with a scraper entrance mat in a soil management program.

Interior commercial mats are designed with a nylon textile surface that provides excellent wiping characteristics. Nylon is typically used more than olefin because the high twist level of nylon fibers allows nylon mat types to remove soil more effectively and spring back up once cleaned. Olefin mats can crush out in as little as 30-days, rendering the mat useless against soil and moisture.

Facilities can also use interior commercial floor mats for spot, spill and soil control in areas with high foot traffic such as vending machines, registration areas, coffee service areas, copy machines, etc. These types of mats must provide safe footing that will minimize trip and fall hazards and increase slip resistance. The best interior commercial floor mats have a rubber backing that can resist slippage on any surface, whether it be carpeted floors or hard.

There are also specialty interior commercial floor mats designed to enhance the environment by controlling the growth of microorganisms that can be disease-bearing and odor-causing.

4. Anti-Fatigue Mats

Anti-fatigue mats provide a safe, productive surface for occupations requiring long standing periods. The best anti-fatigue mats can comfortably support a person with a cushion that will not crush after months of use. To do this, anti-fatigue mats should be resistant to environmental conditions that can contaminate and deteriorate the cushion in the mat.

A benefit of higher-performance industrial anti-fatigue mats is their capability to trap soil and debris, which helps prevent or minimize cross-contamination of soil from one department to another or office environments.

5. Safety Mats

Slip-resistant safety mats provide safe footing with minimum movement in any environment. Typical applications for anti-slip safety mats include outside entrances, ramps and floor areas where contaminants such as oil, grease or water are common. For maximum safety, these types of floor mats should provide adequate slip-resistance on any surface.

In addition, the surface of safety mats should have maximum traction properties. Another use of these mat types is to protect the floor from contaminants such as food and liquids.

Shop Mat Tech For the Different Types of Mats You Need

Whether you’re looking for a commercial floor mat or need to fill your facility with industrial mats, Mat Tech has everything you need to protect your floors and occupants. Browse our entire selection today – we’ve got different types of mats for any occasion, including each type listed above. If you have questions about which floor mat types will work best for your facility, feel free to contact us anytime. Our team of experts is always standing by and ready to help.

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