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Social Distancing Floor Mats

Social Distancing Floor Mats Stay 6 feet apart: Social Distancing Inform and encourage your customers to Social Distance and stay 6 feet apart. Mat Tech provides informational floor mats to your customers. Stand Here and Stay 6ft Apart. Wash your Hands mats are available. Mat Tech’s commercial grade logo mats will give your company a… Read more

Auto Dealer Promotional Mats

  A high quality logo mat will give your company name and product brands a constant, high impact visual presence in the marketplace every day. Our custom door mats are the perfect way to combine an attractive custom design with the superior function of a quality floor mat all in one great product. Our mats… Read more

Creating the Right Logo Mat for Any Application

 Case Study: Harley Davidson Fit Shop Reduction Logo Mat   The most prestigious motorcycle manufacturer in the world, Harley Davidson, was currently purchasing a highly customized bi-level “wooden” floor mat for their Fit Shop Program. The mat is designed to assist the dealer when custom fitting a motorcycle to a riders height and leg length.  The… Read more

Designing the Perfect Logo Mat – Timber Wolf

Case Study:  Timber Wolf Smokeless Tobacco Mat  Swedish Match (a smokeless tobacco company) planned a major national promotional campaign for their Timber Wolf smokeless tobacco product. An online game was basis for the promotional concept. The basic message about game rules was presented to the end user via a picture quality graphic on a floor… Read more