5 Ways Non-Slip Mats Create a Safe Work Environment


Proper flooring solutions, including industrial safety matting like non-slip mats, can help alleviate the conditions that lead to slips, trips and falls, while also safeguarding flooring near electricity and delivering anti-fatigue benefits in wet and dry areas.

According to the National Safety Council, slips, trips, and falls are the third leading cause of workplace injuries and illnesses, following exposure to harmful substances or environments and overexertion/bodily reaction. Harmful environments include exposure to electricity, and overexertion includes non-impact injuries from frequently occurring on-the-job activities like lifting, holding and carrying objects.

These causes can be alleviated with non-slip mats and other workplace mats that contribute to a safe work environment. Rubber workplace mats ensure floor safety by helping maintain safe conditions, protecting employees from slipping hazards and alleviating fatigue.

Non Slip Mats

1. Non-Slip Mats With Drainage Capabilities Can Reduce Slippery Conditions

Slippery working and walking surfaces cause the slips and trips that cost businesses billions. The best floor mats for wet areas aren’t just non-slip; they also have drainage capabilities.

Slippery conditions can result from spilling water and other fluids, like oil-based substances and lubricants. Drainage mats are ideal for kitchens or anywhere with moisture build-up, like pools. Non-slip mats made of grease-proof and chemical-resistant rubber can withstand many environments, and many are even safe for welding.

Drainage holes allow water, oil and liquid contaminants to drain to the ground rather than sit on top of an anti-slip mat, reducing slipping hazards for workers cleaning the spill and other people nearby.

Industrial safety matting can also have antimicrobial properties that make it as easy to keep germ-free as it is to clean.

2. Runner Mats Create a Safe Work Environment For Employees & Vendors On the Move – & Protect Floors

Floor safety mats protect your employees from potentially hazardous working conditions and can help avoid costly repairs. Runner mats are manufacturing floor mats that help maintain a safe work environment by providing long stretches of ideal walking conditions. Anti-slip rubber is resistant to most chemicals and can be used on the manufacturing floor. These safety floor mats make it easy to add traction to walkways and inclined surfaces where slipping is likely.

For carpeted flooring, clear carpet protectors keep dirt and moisture off and prevent wear and tear.

Industrial Safety Matting

3. The Right Industrial Safety Matting Provides Protection From Electricity

Protect employees and sensitive equipment with conductive and non-conductive safety floor mats. ESD switchboard mats discharge static electricity with the correct equipment and a trained operator.

You should choose a non-slip mat with a diamond plate pattern if you are looking for industrial safety matting that insulates against voltage.

4. Anti-Fatigue Mats Help Your Employees & Boost Productivity

The right anti-fatigue mat allows longer periods of standing, with less reported aching and strain. Studies show significantly improved outcomes with workplace mats designed for comfort and support.

Non-slip mats with anti-fatigue properties encourage more movement in the body, promoting energizing blood flow throughout the legs. Employees will be more comfortable and productive with less pain and soreness.

5. Entrance Mats Look Attractive & Reduce Slipping Hazards

Employees and visitors alike benefit from anti-slip mats in potentially wet areas, including outdoor-to-indoor spaces.

Outdoor entrance mats don’t just enhance the look of your business’ entryway; they also reduce tripping and slipping hazards by helping keep the elements of nature outside.

Address the Causes of an Unsafe Work Environment & Get Non-Slip Mats From Mat Tech

A safe work environment begins with a strict maintenance plan, spill management protocol and training regimen to reduce the number of incidents.

Ensuring clean and dry walking surfaces with anti-slip safety mats reduces workplace injuries, enhances employee safety measures and protects the bottom line.

Get started with industrial safety matting at Mat Tech, where non-slips mats are manufactured in the USA and shipping is free. We also offer free samples. Contact us with any questions!

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