Clean and Green Entrance Mats

75 to 80% of contaminates that enter a building come through entryways. A quality entrance mat system stops these contaminates at the door. Stopping these contaminates not only reduces cleaning labor costs and reduces wear on floor surfaces but it also substantially reduces the need for cleaning chemicals that might be harmful to the building occupants and the environment.

Quality floor mat systems like WaterHog provide maximum performance for preventing soil and water from entering a building and therefore helping to keep a building “Green”.

WaterHog mats utilize this permanent rubber reinforced bI-level construction, thereby, trapping large quantities of moisture and dirt, minimizing the effects of soil and water being tracked further into the facility. Low performance mats such as those with unsupported ribbed will not hold up under heavy foot traffic, thus allowing more water and dirt to be tracked into facilities right off the mat surface. A permanent bi-level construction extends the performance life of an entrance mat reducing the need to dispose of mats frequently. Quality mats must be replaced 4 to 5 times more often than Waterhog mats, contributing significantly more waste to our landfills. Another common problem with lower quality mats is the fact that users of these products do not always understand when the product has reached its useful life. In these cases the lower performing floor mat is left in place after it stops performing its function. Contaminates are then allowed to enter the facility with all of the ill effects outlined earlier.

Remember a Green building can be greener if the soil is kept at the door. Entrance mats are an integral component of a Green building.

Clean and Green!

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