Industrial Anti-Fatigue Mats

Industrial Anti-Fatigue Mats

Comfort for your workforce and the ability to handle the rigors of an industrial environment are characteristics of our Industrial anti fatigue mats. Extra durability and superior comfort, are some of the benefits of purchasing a diamond plate anti-fatigue mat for industrial applications. Relieve stress and improve safety on the job with industrial anti fatigue floor mats. Another benefit of our industrial anti fatigue mat is that it helps reduce costly accidents and lost workdays. Mat Tech’s interlocking industrial anti fatigue mats will work for you in wet or dry areas, on assembly lines, behind parts counters, or wherever people stand and work.

Armor Guard Cushion

Armor Guard Anti Fatigue provides all the comfort of an anti fatigue mat with many safety properties. This mat is highly slip resistant, and has beveled edges to reduce chances of trips and falls.

Hog Heaven Rubber

Hog Heaven Rubber’s tough surface combines comfort with durability. This mat will stand up to harsh conditions while maintaining its anti fatigue mat properties.

Diamond Plate

Diamond Plate Anti Fatigue Mats are our most durable, industrial strength fatigue mat. This mat will perform under any conditions, no matter how strenuous. Custom Anti-Fatigue mats are great for industrial and work space areas.

Comfort Zone Kitchen Mat

Comfort Zone Anti-Fatigue Kitchen Mat allows fluids to drain through the mat’s surface for safety. This feature reduces slippery conditions on the surface of the mat. Perfect for restaurants and commercial kitchens.

Ultra Dome Workstation

Ultra Dome Workstation Anti-Fatigue Mat is composed of tough, solid rubber with a flexible dome surface. This mat is extremely durable while also being comfortable to stand on.

Happy Feet Interlocking

Happy Feet Interlocking Anti-Fatigue Mat is perfect for applications where extra long matting is required. The interlocking sections fit end to end allowing for any length of mat to be constructed.

Find the Industrial Anti-Fatigue Mats Your Employees Need

Mat Tech has the industrial anti-fatigue mats that will help keep your workers safe and reduce fatigue. All these industrial floor mats are certified slip-resistant by the National Flooring Safety Institute, guaranteeing that they will help improve safety in the workplace while relieving employee fatigue and stress. We offer floor mats that are resistant to industrial chemicals, animal fats, petroleum oils and greases.

Our industrial cushioned floor mats are available with or without yellow safety borders or drainage holes, and many have the option of two different thicknesses. This allows you to customize your industrial anti-fatigue mat to best fit your application.

FAQs About Industrial Anti-Fatigue Mats

We offer a wide range of industrial rubber mats to meet your needs. Check out the frequently asked questions below for more information about our industrial anti-fatigue mats.

Are These Industrial Floor Mats Easy to Clean?

Yes. You simply need to sweep, hose off or pressure wash our industrial floor mats to remove debris.

What Industrial Anti-Fatigue Mat Sizes Are Available?

We offer small to large industrial anti-fatigue mats. Depending on your choice, options may range from 2 feet by 3 feet to 4 feet by 60 feet.

Are Industrial Cushioned Floor Mats Necessary?

Because of the ergonomic benefits of industrial cushioned floor mats, the National Safety Council recommends using anti-fatigue mats. Industrial anti-fatigue mats help relieve the health concerns associated with the long hours your employees must stand.

Shop Mat Tech Today for Your Industrial Anti-Fatigue Mats

We offer a full complement of industrial anti-fatigue mats from top brands, including Hog Heaven, Armor Guard and Happy Feet. If you want durable, long-lasting mats that relieve your employees' stress and fatigue, you want industrial floor mats from Mat Tech.

Can't decide on the right industrial anti-fatigue mat for your application? Contact us today for the assistance you need. And please remember — our years of matting experience are just a free phone call (1-800-818-9293) or chat away.

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