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 Case Study: Harley Davidson Fit Shop Reduction Logo Mat

Harley Fit Shop Mat


The most prestigious motorcycle manufacturer in the world, Harley Davidson, was currently purchasing a highly customized bi-level “wooden” floor mat for their Fit Shop Program. The mat is designed to assist the dealer when custom fitting a motorcycle to a riders height and leg length.  The mat simulates the lowering of a bikes suspension 1/2” or 1”. Due to excessive cost increases for the current product, Mat Tech was asked to build a replacement product for the wooden mat currently being used.

The Problems:

  1. Fabrication of the mat out of wood was a labor intensive approach to use in the intended application.
  2. The graphics text would need to change from country to country, depending on the language spoken.
  3. The new product needed to be easily handled by dealer personnel and be moved around the showroom frequently.
  4. Graphics need to have design flexibility.
  5. The mat should have very durable physical properties to resist normal wear and tear.
  6. The product needed to reflect the high quality standards of Harley Davidson.

The Solutions:

  1. Mat Tech used a custom vinyl molding process, creating a one-piece solid, flexible molded vinyl product.
  2. Using “removable” custom inserts in key graphic areas, allowed for complete flexibility in graphic changes. Changing graphics were as easy as a simple insert replacement.
  3. The same set of custom molds are now used in product production for any country or language.
  4. Handles were designed into the Fit Shop mat to allow dealer personnel to easily move the mat to any location in the showroom.
  5. Molded graphics are an integrated part of the solid vinyl construction and are impervious to wear and tear from general use.
  6. The product finish and appearance superseded the original mat used. More precise of graphic location, consistent graphic placement and an overall look all satisfied Harley Davidson’s high standards.

Harley Reduction Mat 1

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