How to Clean Your Floor Mats

First, let us all agree that it is better to contain the maximum amount of moisture and soil at the doorways, instead of allowing the contaminants to be tracked into any facility. This alone will pay for any extra time needed to clean a more effective entrance floor mat system.

Maintenance of your entrance mats with enough consistency is extremely important. The longer one allows soil to build up on an entrance mat, the longer it takes to clean it.

The most effective way to clean entrance floor mats based on industry expert is as follows:

  1. Clean your entrance mats with enough frequency to prevent soil and water build up, according to the amount of foot traffic and weather conditions outside.
  2. Make sure that the equipment being used is in good working order, bag replaced, belts, and brushes are working.
  3. Make certain that the equipment is being used properly, creating the most effective results. Many people try to vacuum at light speed, reducing the effectiveness and creating longer cleaning times, as the job has to be done over again.
  4. Consider soil types before cleaning. Is the soil wet or dry, sticky or loose impediments, stains or heavy soil?
  5. For wet soils, a self-contained extractor with a brush and vac system is recommended. Several passes may be necessary at a slow speed to attain the best results.
  6. For dry soils, a good two motor vacuum with the brush adjusted all the way down will give you the most agitation of the soil and best results. Backpack vacuums offer a higher CFM than some uprights, but more passes over the mat are needed to compensate for the lack of agitation.
  7. For dry crusty salt stains, it is recommended that the floor mat be soaked in hot water with a neutral soap solution for half an hour and extracted as per wet soils above.
  8. If your entrance mat is stained, you may use various carpet spotting solutions to loosen the soil stuck to the fibers. Many of or entrance mat products offer solution dyed yarn, so you need not worry about the color fastness.
  9. If steam cleaning equipment is not available follow these easy steps:
    Vacuum or shake out loose dirt and debris from the floor mat.

Lightly scrubbing with a soft floor brush and mild detergent or carpet cleaning solution.

Pressure wash or hose off all detergent and debris. It would be a good idea to flush your mat 2-3 times to make sure no residue is left behind.

Hang in vertical position to allow moisture to drain and dry off.

Once completely dry you are ready to place you mat back in service.

Clean you entrance mats as often as is needed.  They do a tough job catching dirt and debris. Mat performance and service life is directly effected by their maintenance schedule and cleanliness.  Keep them clean and they’ll do a tough job well.

For convenience, we have created this handy “how to clean your floor mats” floor mat cleaning guide.

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