Designing the Perfect Logo Mat – Timber Wolf

Case Study:  Timber Wolf Smokeless Tobacco Mat 

Swedish Match (a smokeless tobacco company) planned a major national promotional campaign for their Timber Wolf smokeless tobacco product. An online game was basis for the promotional concept. The basic message about game rules was presented to the end user via a picture quality graphic on a floor mat. Actual participation in the game took place on line. The mat gave the viewer winning potentials and directed theparticipants to the proper internet location for additional information. The application for the logo mat was planned for 11,000(ATM) automatic bank teller locations nationwide.   

The Problems: 

  1. The desired product would need to be easily placed in front of bank teller locations indoors or outdoors, with no costly installation.
  2. A four color “picture quality” graphic was the desired design.  It required high definition graphics that could be easily read copy by the individual standing on the mat.
  1. The floor graphic could be exposed to various weather conditions and had to be waterproof and slip resistant even when wet.
  1. Heavy foot traffic and pivoting feet when visitors turned to walk away could wear a product out quickly.
  1. Due to the number of locations, unit cost was a serious consideration. 

The Solutions:

  1. Mat Tech’s new “Media Link Mat”, offers the customer a simple “free-lay” floor mat solution.  Simply unbox, unroll and lay down in any location. Move it to any new location desired. No installation required what-so-ever.
  1.  Media Link Mat offers crisp, clear, picture quality graphics, capable of reproducing a photograph with the smallest design elements and copy. All elements of the message are easily read.
  1. All rubber construction, with a high performance, “Armour Guard” top layer protects the graphics from abrasion and is extremely slip resistant, wet or dry.
  1. Media Mat’s graphics stay vibrant, even when exposed to the elements, including UV light.
  1. Media Mat is an extremely cost effective, durable product that effectively met all of our customer’s budget requirements. Low cost per unit, high performance and dynamic graphics.
Timber Wolf - Media Mat
Timber Wolf – Media Mat



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