Waterhog Entrance Mats

The Waterhog floor mat, affectionately known as the Waterhog, is one of the industry’s most well known and widely used entrance floor mats.  It’s revolutionary design and construction has made it popular not only for commercial applications, but for personal home use as well.  Over the years, a number of different styles and extensions have been added to the Waterhog floor mat line and will be explored in further detail.

What’s inside?

Whereas the traditional entry mat is constructed of a nylon carpeted surface, the Waterhog entrance mat is made from a coarse polypropylene material.  This fiber is actually a heavy-duty plastic that has superior qualities to its predecessor.  In additional to being stain- and mildew-resistant, polypropylene has anti-static properties which reduce shocks.  Due to the tight weave, the mats are crush resistant yet still dry quicker than traditional nylon.

What’s on the outside?

A rubber reinforced backing on these floor mats increases the durability of the polypropylene and extends the product life.  Cleats, or small nubs, can be added onto the backing to help this entrance mat stay put on carpeted surfaces.  An exclusive “water dam” rubber border complements the backing and allows the Waterhog mat to hold up to 1.5 gallons of water per square yard so that water stays in the mat and off your floor.

Cleaning Your Waterhog Entrance Mat

These durable floor mats are easy to clean and maintain.  Regular vacuuming will remove most of the day-to-day dirt and debris that these mats remove from people’s shoes.  Additionally, Waterhog mats can be hosed off and hung to dry.  If available, shampoo or steam extractors can be used.

What Waterhog is best?

Although the original and still the most popular, the Waterhog Classic is only one of several designs offered under this ever-growing category of floor mats.  Today, this entrance mat is not only available in more styles, but has also adapted to more diverse applications.  One can often find Waterhog products in commercial office buildings, retail stores, apartment/condominium buildings, hotels, restaurants and hospitals to name a few locations.  This floor mat, however, has since become quite a popular product for residential use as well and can be used at front, rear and garage doors as well as interior locations including pet quarters and laundry rooms.

Following is a brief description of each type of Waterhog mat:

  1. Waterhog Classic boasts the traditional raised square or “waffle design. Its multi-direction surface pattern allows cleaning regardless of the direction of traffic.
  2. Waterhog Premier XL offers a unique diamond herringbone design. Its cross-ribbed pattern has a heavier face-weight than the Waterhog Classic and is often specified in high-traffic areas where design and functionality are critical.
  3. Hog Heaven Anti-Fatigue Mat offers a thicker, more comfortable rubber and foam backing which provides relief to individuals standing on hard surfaces and facing back and knee soreness. These anti-fatigue mats are often used by valets, doormen and other working and standing for long periods near a buildings entrance, but can work just as well in front of your kitchen sink at home.
  4. Waterhog Tacky Mats are the newest application for this versatile line. These floor mats combine the tacky surface of a Clean Room Sticky Mat with a Waterhog Classic entrance mat.  This combination provides for the best of both worlds; a Waterhog to remove the majority of the dirt and water that can be tracked in and a sticky mat to trap the dust, debris and other fine particles that could contaminate a sensitive environment.

The Waterhog has evolved from a single, simple, yet effective design to the expansive collection highlighted above.  The uses for this floor mat have grown as well from more diverse commercial applications to, more recently, personal home use.  This mat is both economical and functional and has truly become a floor mat for the masses.

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