Why Quality Floor Mats Make Sense

The estimated cost of finding and removing a pound of dirt from a building is $850. (ISSA)

One square yard of carpet can accumulate one pound of dirt in a week- twice that in inclement weather

70 to 80% of dust, grime, and dirt in a building are tracked in from the outside on people’s feet permanently damaging floors and carpets. (Institute of Industrial Launderers)

91% of shoppers selected a store based on its appearance. (Progressive Grocer)

Without effective entrance floor mats, as few as 1,500 people can remove 42% of the finish from a floor. (3M)

Without effective matting your slip and fall exposure is increased

The average cost of a slip related injury exceeds $12,000. (Wausau Insurance Co.)

Over 30% of worker injuries are slip related. (Wausau Ins. Co.)

In the USA each year, an average of 7.75 claims per 1-million supermarket customers are filed due to slip and fall incidents. (Food Marketing Institute)

One might ask, how important should entrance mats be to an establishment?

If you consider the facts above and calculate the amount of money a facility spends on cleaning chemicals, machines, mops, brooms, caution signs, and LABOR to clean the building, the need to have the most effective matting possible is essential to protecting the investment mentioned in the materials listed above. Lessening the slip and fall potential, in addition, should give you a solid reason to matting for your facility.

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