Why use a Custom Logo Mat?

  1. Logo mats are a valuable, long term marketing technique that gives your company name or your product brand a constant, highly visible presence at the front door, at counters, behind check-out locations or in front of product displays.
  2. Logo Mats are a perfect way to combine design and function of a quality floor mat into one excellent high visible floor mat product.
  3. Logo mats  have the functionality of an entrance mat and the visual appeal of a marketing aid on the floor.
  4. Custom logo floor mats greet your customers and send a clear message every day to everyone that walks by. You enjoy a countless number of exposures of your company name, your product brand or send a message to visitors every day!
  5. 90% of all customers surveyed in a Progressive Grocery study indicated they made their store shopping selection based on store appearance. Dressing up your store or facility with a quality logo mat can directly impact your customer’s decision to visit.

Our logo floor matting is made from the finest quality materials and state-of-the-art manufacturing techniques. Our logo mats are excellent way to add the function of a floor mat to your company’s promotional efforts. Build your company image while improving the look of your entrances and reduce your facilities maintenance costs all with one floor mat product!