Why Using Floor Mats Indoors Makes Good Sense

Here are three excellent reasons to use quality floor mats indoors, from the front door to the back door.

  1. Reduce your building maintenance costs and protect floors from premature wear and damage. It is estimated that 75-80% of all dust and dirt inside your facility is tracked into a building from outdoors on visitors footgear. A 3M study showed that it costs approximately $750.00 to $850.00 in maintenance costs to remove one pound of dirt and debris from a facility. In the same study it was also projected that 42-48% of a floors finish could be removed by only 1500 people walking over an unprotected floor surface. 90% of all shoppers select a store based on appearance (Progressive Grocery) study.  Loss of customers due to an unsightly entrance can be very significant.  An effective entrance floor mat program addresses these problems and makes perfect sense.
  2. Improve safety and minimizing accidents by eliminating hazardous interior floor conditions. The average slip and fall accident inside a building exceeds $12,000.00 is costs today according to a Wausau Insurance study. Wet, slippery floors, account for 30-35% of all accidents indoors.  Wet floors  occur at your entrance, at water fountains, in kitchens and bathrooms or in many locations on the manufacturing floor.  Quality entrance mats and safety mats are engineered to increase traction, improve safety and reduce accidents by eliminating hazardous floor conditions.
  3. Improve the work environment for employees by reducing stress and fatigue. The use of anti-fatigue mats in appropriate locations in your company can increase worker efficiency, reduced mistakes due to worker fatigue and eliminate employee down time with fewer sick days due to fatigue or injury.  Quality entrance mats, logo mats, safety mats and anti-fatigue mats from Mat-Tech address these issues and are an investment in your business and your employees!
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